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Japanese companies have started producing jacket with built-in fans to combat extreme heat while also making t-shirts that feel cool to wear.

According to the news agency AFP, the temperature in Japan has started to increase like in other countries, while July of this year was the hottest month in a hundred years, in which 53 people died due to heat stroke and 50 others needed medical attention.

In 2020, Workman, a clothing manufacturer for workers, launched a fan jacket.
This jacket is manufacture by following a very simple process. The jacket is equipped with two palm-sized fans powered by a rechargeable battery.
These jackets are price between $82 and $164.

Workman spokesman Yawa Suzuki told AFP that, just like sitting in a fan indoors, wearing a jacket feels cool because your body is constantly expose to air.
Summers in Japan are usually very hot, and the climate is very humid, but this July was a bit hotter. The average temperature during this period was 28.7 Celsius, the highest recorded since 1875.

After Monaco, Japan has the largest population of elderly people, which is why heat stroke is also a life-threatening condition.
More than 80 percent of heat-related deaths in Japan over the past five years were among the elderly.

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A Japanese company called Mi Creations is also developing tubes that stay cool and can be worn around the neck.

Japan's average temperature this year was the highest since 1875.
Japan’s average temperature this year was the highest since 1875.

This tube gets so cold in the fridge for twenty minutes that when worn around the neck, it will keep the whole body cool for about an hour.
Another Japanese company called Liberta uses prints in their clothes that feel cool to wear.

These products use ingredients like xylitol, which, when mixed with water or sweat, creates a cooling sensation.

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