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Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has said that seven people, including a six-year-old child, were kill. And 90 injured in a Russian missile attack on a central square in the historic city of Chernihiv.
According to the British news agency Reuters. The Interior Ministry said that the attack on Saturday happened. When people were going to church to celebrate a religious festival holiday. Among the injured are 12 children and 10 policemen.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who is on a visit to Sweden. Said in a post on Telegram that “a Russian missile fell right in the middle of our city in Chernihiv.” Where there is a square, a polytechnic university, and a theatre.
“A normal Saturday was turned by Russia into a day full of pain. And the loss of precious lives,” he said.

A short video accompanying Zielinski’s post shows debris strewn across a square in front of the regional drama theatre. Where blasted vehicles are parke. A dead body can also be see in a car in the video.
Chernihiv is located about 145 kilometres north of the capital city of Kiev and is home to a large number of centuries-old churches.

Among the injured are 12 children and 10 policemen.
Among the injured are 12 children and 10 policemen.

The Interior Ministry further said that the roof of the theatre was also destroye in the missile attack.
Since the invasion of Ukraine in February last year, Russia has launched a series of missile and drone attacks on cities far from the front as a war strategy.

Kiev’s air force said early Saturday that Ukrainian forces shot down 15 of 17 Iranian-made Shahid drones sent by Moscow in an overnight operation.

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