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Yesterday, Saturday, the Palestinian President warned of the Zionist entity’s plan to “legalise” 155 settlement outposts in the West Bank. And its consequences for the stability of the region, stressing that “all settlements are illegal”. According to international legitimacy resolutions, which are condemned and rejected.

The official spokesman for the Palestinian President, Nabil Abu Rudeineh. He said that the policy of annexation and expansion that the occupation seeks will not lead to achieving peace. And stability but rather push towards dangerous matters. Stressing that returning to the 1967 borders is the key to achieving security, peace, and stability.

Abu Rudeineh said, “The attempts of the occupation authorities will not succeed in giving legitimacy to any settlement established on the land of a Palestinian state. Because Resolution (2334) issued by the UN Security Council explicitly stipulates the need to remove all settlements as illegal and in violation of international law.”

He stressed that the US administration bears the responsibility to stop such dangerous decisions. And to take serious measures against the aggression, crimes. And collective punishment carried out by the occupation authorities against the Palestinian people. He added, “This policy aimed at waging war against our Palestinian people, their land, and sanctities. And providing protection for settler terrorism, drags the region into a square of violence and escalation, the consequences of which no one will bear, and the Palestinian people, with their steadfastness and adherence to their land and constants. Will fail all these attempts aimed at liquidating their cause and stealing their land.” It is worth noting that there are 244 Zionist settlements and outposts in the occupied West Bank. Including 12 in East Jerusalem, where about 575,000 settlers live.

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