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Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he will not participate in this week’s Republican debate. Because Americans ‘know him too well’.

According to the French news agency AFP, Donald Trump wrote on his platform. Truth Social, that the public knows who I am and how successful a president I have been. Therefore, I will not hold discussions.

Referring to initiatives in border security, economy, energy, inflation control, and other sectors. He said that he does not need to compete with his rivals. The first debate in the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race is schedule for Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In his post, Donald Trump referred to a poll released by CBS and wrote that he is far ahead of the Republican field. The survey said 62 percent of those polled would vote for him. Even though he has been indict four times this year.

American democracy

Donald Trump has been accuse of ‘trying to damage American democracy’ by planning to reverse the 2020 election. And stay in power despite losing to Joe Biden.

Trump’s opponent in the CBS poll is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, about whom he wrote that “DeSantis is flapping like a sick bird.”According to the New York Times report, Trump told aides that he was giving his rivals a chance to step up by leaving the Fox News-sponsored event and that he would turn on former Fox host Tucker Carlson instead of participating in the debate. I will give a line interview.

Fox News host Brett Byrne told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his legal issues are “obviously affecting the race.” All these candidates will be ask incessantly what is happening in the courts across the country. So they will be part of this discussion, whether they are there or not.

Seven other candidates have qualified for the debate. Including state governors DeSantis and Doug Burgum, former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump’s UN ambassador Nikki Haley, and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

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