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German prosecutors said on the 21st that two US soldiers stabbed a man multiple times. To death in an argument at a playground in western Germany. Two U.S. soldiers have been arrested and are now in U.S. custody.

According to the Deutsche Presse Agency, the bloody incident occurred on the 19th in the town of Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate state. Two off-duty US soldiers attacked a 28-year-old man. The autopsy report issued by the forensic doctor showed that the man had multiple stab wounds on his upper body. German prosecutor Manfred Stempel said the victim “ultimately bled to death”.

NBC News quoted a German police spokesman as saying that the deceased was a German citizen and the two suspects were personnel from the U.S. Air Force base in Spangdahlem.

The U.S. Air Force Base Spangdahlem is about 20 kilometres away from the town of Wittlich. The suspects U.S. Soldiers , aged 25 and 26, were arrested and handed over to the U.S. military law enforcement agency. In accordance with the garrison agreements of NATO member states. Spang Durham Air Force Base issued a statement saying that the suspect will remain in US custody. During the investigation of the case.

Local police

At this stage, the number of US troops stationed in Germany is about 35,000. According to the local police, the investigation of the case is now under the responsibility of the Spangdahlem Air Force Base Investigation Department.

Stempel said the motive for the attack and the cause of the dispute between the two parties are still under investigation. Both suspects pleaded not guilty, and one of them claimed to have no memory of the situation. Investigators are investigating whether a knife found in a river near the crime scene was the murder weapon.To read more news Click here

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