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After winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy, Spanish soccer team player Jenny Hermoso said. She did not consent to the unwanted kiss from the federation president.

According to the American channel CNN, Jenny Hermoso has said that he is being pressure to justify. The move of the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Robles.
“Despite my decision, it is important to state that I am under constant pressure to make a statement. That would justify Mr. Louis’ actions,” Jenny Hermoso posted on social media.

She said she felt insecure and was unexpectedly face with a situation that was beyond her control.
“It is clear that I was not respect.”
On Sunday, Spain won the women’s World Cup final in Sydney, Australia. During the distribution of prizes, the president of the Football Federation, Luis Robles, kissed the 33-year-old player Jenny Hermoso on the lips.

After the ceremony, Jenny Hermoso “expressed displeasure” at the kiss and said she “didn’t expect” it.
The 46-year-old president of the Football Federation, Luis Robles, has refused to resign after a week of intense criticism.
Addressing the federation’s general assembly on Friday, he said he would “fight to the end.”

During the speech, he described the move as mutual consent. And said several times in the nearly 30-minute speech that he would not resign.
In her statement, Jenny Hermoso rejected Robles’ claim of mutual consent.
On Friday, Spain’s World Cup-winning squad, including Jenny Hermoso and other professional female footballers, said they will not play for the country until the federation’s president was remove from office.

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