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A US judge has rejected Burger King restaurant’s request to dismiss a fraud case against it. The lawsuit alleged that the fast-food chain was deceiving customers by showing larger-than-life burgers in photos.

According to Reuters, U.S. District Judge Roy Altman in Miami, Florida, said restaurant must defend itself against claims. That the images of burgers on menu boards in its stores misled consumers.

Burger King was accused of serving its burgers with ingredients that ‘flowed over the bun’, making the burgers 35% larger than their original size and containing meat. Looks double.
Burger King’s stance is that ‘it is not necessary to provide the burgers exactly as they appear in the pictures’.

The judge on Friday rejected the claims based on TV and online ads. Saying he found no claim that Burger King promised burger size, or patty weight, and failed to deliver.

Burger King said in a statement on Tuesday that the plaintiff’s claims are false. The beef patties featured in our ads are the same patties used in the Hopper sandwich served to guests across the country.’

Fast food giants McDonald’s and Wendy’s are also facing a similar lawsuit.
A New Yorker is suing the fast food companies McDonald’s and Wendy’s, alleging that their actual burgers are smaller than the ones advertised. They have claimed $50 million in damages for fooling citizens.

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