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The government is scrambling to bring back passengers stranded in Europe. After a technical glitch with air traffic control in the United Kingdom. It may take several days to resolve this error.

According to the British news agency Reuters, 1500 flights were cancelled on Monday. Because of the problem, after which the entire system was shifted to manual mode. Because of this, thousands of passengers were stranded at the airports of Europe last day. We were stuck at Paris airport for seven to eight hours last day,” said Maria Ball, a passenger from Liverpool.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper has warned that it could take several days to resolve the issue.British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has said that he is aware of the difficulties faced by passengers. He said that the Transport Secretary is in constant contact with the relevant institutions. They will talk to the airlines to ensure that the passengers return home as soon as possible. Mark Harper said United Kingdom government officials don’t think it’s a technical glitch but the result of a cyberattack.Aviation watchdog Cerium said 790 flights departing from the UK and 785 arriving in the UK were cancelled on Monday.Heathrow Airport, the UK’s busiest, has taken to Twitter to advise passengers to contact their airlines before travelling.

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