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Many travellers find it difficult to travel with children on the plane. Because the majority of passengers prefer silence during the journey. Especially when they have booked an expensive ticket for this trip. Keeping this in mind, Corendon Airline has introduced a child-free zone in its planes; that is, there will now be a place in the plane where the entry of children is prohibited. will go

Passengers will be able to select the child-free zone while booking the flight ticket. The Dutch Corendon airline has taken this revolutionary step to improve its customer experience. Note that the Child Free Zone will be available on the airline’s A350 flights. Between Amsterdam and the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, starting on November 3 this year.

According to Corendon, the child-free zone will be at the front of the plane and will consist of nine ‘XL’ seats.
This section of the aircraft will have 93 standard seats with extra legroom. The carrier explained that the zone would be separated from the rest of the aircraft ‘by walls and curtains’, providing a safe and quiet environment. This zone on the plane is for passengers travelling without children and business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment.

At the same time, the separate child-free zone will lead to a positive experience for parents with children as well. According to the airline. If their child is a bit fussy or cries, they won’t have to worry too much about the possible reaction of fellow passengers. In this regard, the founder of Corundan Airlines said that while boarding our flights. We always try to meet the various needs of our customers.

We are also the first airline to introduce an adult-only zone. As we cater to passengers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight. We also believe it can have a positive impact on parents travelling with young children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children make too much noise.

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