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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he wants to immediately deport Eritrean refugees involved in violent clashes in the capital, Tel Aviv. In addition, he has ordered the preparation of a plan to deport all other African refugees.
According to the American news agency Associated Press, in a riotous meeting with the ministers on Sunday, the Israeli Prime Minister said, “We want strict measures against rioters, including deportation.”
He said that the ministers should present a plan to deport all the people who entered Israel illegally.

About 25,000 African refugees in Israel, most of whom are citizens of Sudan and Eritrea, say they left their country because of the war.
Hundreds of supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government clashed with Israeli police on Saturday in Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital.
According to the French news agency AFP, 114 protesters, including 30 police officers, were injure in the clash. Three protesters were injure in police firing.
It was the worst clash between African refugees and migrants in Tel Aviv’s recent history. The police have arrested 39 people.
Eritreans from both sides beat each other with construction timbers, pieces of metal, stones, and at least one axe.
Protesters vandalised shop windows and police vehicles. After the clash, blood splatters were seen on the pavement. A government supporter was lying in a pool of blood in a children’s playground.

Israeli police

Israeli police used tear gas, stun grenades, and gunfire during the clashes.
The police tried to control the protesters, but they broke the barricades and pelted stones at the police.

The majority of African refugees in Israel are Eritreans.
The majority of African refugees in Israel are Eritreans.

The clash occurred when supporters of the current Eritrean ruler celebrated 30 years in power. The event was held near the Eritrean Embassy in South Tel Aviv.
The human rights situation in Eritrea is the worst. Refugees in Israel and other countries say they fear death if they return to their country.
Police have said that supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government were allow to hold separate events on Saturday. They promised to stay away from each other.

Chaim Babal, a Tel Aviv police commander, said the promise was break, and government opponents set up barriers and threw stones at police officers.
He said that the police have arrested 39 people and seized tasers and knives from them.
Rescuer Megan David Adam said at least 114 people were injure, eight of them in critical condition.
Ekhlo Hospital has said that 11 people who were injure in the firing are being treat. The police said that three people were injure in the shooting.
Among the more than 30,000 African refugees in Israel, the majority are Eritreans.
They say that their lives are in danger in the country. Known as the North Korea of Africa’.
Their future in Israel is uncertain, but they say they are enjoying some freedoms here that they did not have in their home country.

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