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US President Joe Biden has expressed disappointment over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s non-participation in the G20 meeting.
According to the Reuters news agency, Prime Minister Li Kuang is likely to represent his country in place of President Xi Jinping. At the G20 meeting held in India.
Speaking to reporters on Sunday, President Joe Biden said that “I am disappointed. That President Xi Jinping will not attend, but I will still meet with him.”

However, President Biden expressed his enthusiasm for attending the meeting. Saying that India and Vietnam both desire closer relations with the United States and both can be helpful.
The G20 summit, an organisation of 20 developed and fast-growing economies around the world, is going to be held in India from September 7 to 10.
This year, India has been entrusted with the responsibility of chairing the G20 meeting. In which the heads of state of major economies will participate.
Bilateral relations between the US and China have been strained over differences, including trade issues, the future of Taiwan, and the Asian country’s presence in the South China Sea.

In an effort to improve relations with China, the US has also sent senior officials to visit Beijing. Where controversial issues have been discussed.
On the other hand, the situation between the two big Asian countries, India and China, is also under tension.

Last month, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at the BRICS Summit in South Africa.
Relations between the world’s two most populous countries have been deeply strained since a border clash in 2020. That killed 20 Indian soldiers and at least four Chinese soldiers.

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