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United Nations experts have condemned the Indian government’s role during the violent incidents and riots in the northern Indian state of Manipur.
According to the news agency AFP, UN experts have said that the Indian government’s response to the devastating ethnic riots, sexual violence, and human rights abuses in Manipur has been “slow and ineffective”.

In their statement on Monday, the United Nations experts said that we are deeply concerned about the “rather slow and inappropriate” actions of the Indian government and its law enforcement agencies during the incidents of physical and sexual violence and hate speech in Manipur. Is.’
Reports of violent incidents in Manipur in May this year have been reviewed by around 20 UN human rights experts.

According to reports, by mid-August, the death toll in Manipur was 160, while the number of injured was over 300.
Apart from this, tens of thousands of people have been displaced. And thousands of houses and hundreds of churches have also been burned during these violent incidents.
Mentioning gender-based violence in particular, the experts said, “Sexual attacks on hundreds of women and girls of different ages, especially women of Kuki ethnicity, were horrific.”
“These alleged violent incidents include rape, naked women, severe beatings, and burning them alive or dead,” he said.

Thousands of houses and hundreds of churches have also been burnt during these violent incidents
Thousands of houses and hundreds of churches have also been burnt during these violent incidents

United Nations Human Rights Council

Some of the experts appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council gave their personal opinions and said. These incidents of manipur news and violence seem to have occurred because of hate speech.”
The population of Manipur is deeply divide due to the tension between the ethnic groups living there. And there are frequent armed conflicts.

In view of the situation in Manipur news and violence, additional police reinforcements were also call from different areas to patrol the roads and streets. Apart from this, a curfew was imposed, and the internet was also shut down.
United Nations experts have demanded the government of India rehabilitate the victims of Manipur. And take immediate action against the perpetrators after investigating the violent incidents.

He has emphasised that all the people involved in these incidents, including government employees, should be brong to justice.

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