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On Monday, French authorities enforced a ban on women wearing abayas in french schools across the country. On the occasion of the return of students.
According to the French news agency AFP, the French government announced late last month that it was banning the wearing of the abaya in schools as it violated the principles of secularism in education.
Earlier, Muslim women were banned from wearing the hijab, saying it was a sign of religious commitment.

The decision to ban it has been welcomed by conservative politicians, while far-left politicians have criticised it as infringing on civil liberties.
“Things have been fine this morning,” Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said during a visit to a school in northern France. There has been no bullying incident so far. And we will be vigilant all day so that students understand this rule.

However, he said that only in some specific schools did the students arrive wearing abayas.
According to Elizabeth Bourne, ‘some of the young girls agreed to take it off (the abaya). With the rest, we will talk in educational ways to make them understand that this is a law that is being apply.

Far-left politicians are accusing President Emmanuel Macron’s government of banning the abaya to compete with far-right politician Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party. And that it is a path of conservative politics. going to

Earlier, Education Minister Gabriel Atal told RTL Radio that authorities have identified 513 schools. That may be affect by the ban at the start of the school year.
There are about 45,000 schools in France, and 1.2 million students are returning to school on Monday.

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