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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan has offered admission to universities for Afghan students, especially women, after the Taliban government in Pakistan’s neighbouring country, Afghanistan, decided to ban female students from studying.

In this regard, a high-level meeting was called at Peshawar Khyber Medical University on Tuesday. In which Vice Chancellor Dr. Ziaul Haq, Director of Admission, Deputy Consul General of the Afghan Consulate in Peshawar, Mufti Noorullah Hotak. And other officials participated.
It was decided in the meeting that Afghan students will be given education in all courses of the university. Including BS programmes in physiotherapy and armacy. Afghan officials were told by the university administration that all degree programmes, including medical and dental, would be charged the same fees as Pakistani students.

Vice Chancellor Khyber Medical University Dr. Ziaul Haq said on this occasion. He said that the Afghan people have been in a state of war for the last four decades. Due to which the infrastructure there has been completely destroy. While the health and education systems have also been badly affect. He said that Afghan students will be provided with medical education so that they can serve their homeland.

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Khyber Medical University spokesperson Alamgir Khan told to media that admission has been offer for Afghan students. For the first time, and especially female students can take advantage of this opportunity. “We want as many Afghan students to enrol. That’s why there is no limit on the number of seats in the classes.
He said that despite financial difficulties, admissions with reasonable fees have been offer with the aim of providing medical education to Afghan students.
Afghan Deputy Consul General Mufti Noorullah Hotak, who participated in the Khyber Medical University meeting. He welcomed this initiative and said that the Islamic Emirate’s ban on women’s education is just propaganda. The work on reforming the education curriculum is going on.
He further said that by allowing admissions for Afghan students in Peshawar. The relations between the two brotherly and neighbouring countries will be further improve.
Farishta Bibi, an Afghan student based in Peshawar, said that the decision of Khyber Medical University is no less than a surprise for us. Because Afghan refugees in Pakistan face difficulties in continuing their education beyond matriculation. ‘

In Pakistan, Afghan students could not get admission anywhere due to their passports and educational documents. With the commencement of admissions at Khyber Medical University, we will be able to continue our incomplete studies in the field of medicine. After the change of government in Afghanistan, many families have returned to Peshawar.

He expressed hope that, following in the footsteps of Khyber Medical University, all universities will make it easier for Afghan girls to get education.
On the other hand, Mardan Abdul Wali Khan University has also allowed admission for Afghan students. According to the administration, initially 50 seats have been allocate for the Afghan quota. Under which Afghan students will be able to take admission in any department.

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