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A 71-year rainfall record was broken in Hong Kong and the southern city of Shenzhen, considered to be China’s technology city, where daily life has been severely affected due to flooding.

According to the AFP news agency, Chinese state media said on Friday that it was the most destructive rainfall in the region since 1952.

According to the Meteorological Department, the rains have broken several records.Between 5 p.m. on Thursday and 6 a.m. on Friday, an average of 202 mm, or eight inches, of rain was recorded in Shenzhen. Similarly, the minimum cumulative rainfall was 469 mm, or 18 inches.Due to the typhoon, city administrations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen made several arrangements, including closing businesses and offices.

Authorities had warned local citizens a week before. The storm’s arrival that public transport will be shut down. Due to the torrential rains and instructed them to take protective measures at home. The population of technology city Shenzhen is 17.7 million. And the Department of Emergency Relief announced that citizens should not leave their homes.

Authorities had already issued a severe typhoon warning for the storm. Which Chinese state media said would make landfall “in coastal areas stretching from Hulai to Hong Kong”. The meteorological observatory in Hong Kong warned that Saula could come within 100 kilometres of the area. Causing a storm surge around Victoria Harbour.

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The city of Shenzhen has a population of 1.77 million. Where measures were take before the typhoon.

The meteorological department had said that a serious flood situation may arise in the city.
In Hong Kong in 2018, Typhoon Mangkhat hit the city and injured more than 300 people.

Shenzhen City
Offices and businesses closed in China’s ‘tech city shenzhen’ as typhoon threatens

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