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As a result of the severe earthquake that occurred in Morocco on Friday night, the death toll has exceeded 2,000. Officials have expressed fear of an increase in casualties.
According to the American news agency AP, the Ministry of Interior has said that at least two thousand and twelve people have been kill and two thousand and fifty-nine have been injure, while the condition of more than 1400 people is critical.

On Saturday, rescue personnel were trying to reach remote areas affected by the earthquake.
In the villages and ancient cities in the mountains, houses and buildings were reduce to rubble. Most people stayed outside their homes due to fear.
It was the strongest earthquake in Morocco in the last 120 years. According to the US Geological Survey, the magnitude of the earthquake was record at 6.8. The epicentre of the earthquake was in the Atlas Mountains, about 70 kilometres south of the tourist city of Morocco.
According to the news agency AFP, Morocco has announced three days of mourning in the country.
A meeting was call by Shah Muhammad VI to assess the damage caused by the earthquake.
According to Morocco’s official news agency, Map, it was decide at the meeting that a three-day national mourning will be held. In which there will be flags on all government buildings.

The mud houses in the hilly areas have been completely destroyed.
The mud houses in the hilly areas have been completely destroy.

King Muhammad VI also ordered the provision of housing, food, and other necessities to the earthquake victims.
He has directed the military authorities to start search operations in the affected areas, send relief teams, and also set up surgical field hospitals.
King Muhammed VI has said that he will personally visit the affected areas.
Morocco has been offer help from around the world, but the government has not yet formally appealed for international aid.

Most people stayed outside their homes due to fear.
Most people stayed outside their homes due to fear.

village in the Atlas Mountains

Almost every village in the Atlas Mountains has been affect by the earthquake. Hamid Salah, a 72-year-old mountain guide, said he and others are still alive, but there is little hope of seeing the future.
“I can’t rebuild my house. I don’t know what I will do. Still, I am alive, so I will wait.
State TV reports showed people spending the night on the streets in the historic and touristic city of Morocco.
The famous Jamia Masjid Al-Katbia, built in the 12th century, has also been damage. Its 69-metre (226-foot) minaret is know as the ‘Roof of Morocco. The red walls of the Moroccan city and this mosque are includ in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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