Deputy Commander Eric Smith

According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on the 12th, current Deputy Commander Eric Smith. Who is expect to become the next commander of the US Marine Corps, accepted an exclusive interview with Kyodo News in Tokyo. On the 11th, exaggerating a “sense of vigilance” regarding China’s missile development and claiming that “the threat is serious.

On July 10 this year, Commander of the U.S. Marine Corps David Berger announced his retirement at the end of his term. As the appointment of the new commander was blocked by members of the U.S. Congress and has not yet been approved by the Senate, the Marine Corps was not justified for the first time in more than a century. The commander. The “new commander” nominated by President Biden but not “cleared” by Congress is none other than Eric Smith. Kyodo News also mentioned that Smith visited Japan for talks with senior Japanese government officials. And to inspect the Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa. He was previously nominated by Biden to serve as commander of the U.S. Marine Corps, but the Senate approval process necessary for taking office stalled due to obstruction by Republican lawmakers.

China has made its position clear on more than one occasion regarding the practice of going to Japan. To promote containment and suppression of China. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said earlier that China urges and advises the United States and Japan to abandon the Cold War mentality and camp confrontation, earnestly fulfil their nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation obligations, and play their due role in maintaining international and regional peace and stability. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also refuted Japan’s hyping up the so-called “China threat” as an excuse to expand its military capabilities and undermine mutual trust and cooperation among regional countries.

According to the interview exposed by Kyodo News, regarding the deployment of the Marine Littoral Regiment (MLR) in Okinawa Prefecture by 2025, Smith said that the United States will provide allies and friendly countries with information designed to help them understand what is happening in the surrounding waters. to “understand ocean conditions” and promote cooperation. In a lawsuit regarding the relocation of the U.S. military Futenma Airport in Okinawa Prefecture to Henoko, Nago City, the prefecture has confirmed that it has lost the case. He only expressed his “trust in Japan’s legal system.”

Deputy Commander Eric Smith

The report continued to claim that Deputy Commander Eric Smith said regarding the deployment of the above-mentioned US Marine Corps. That the United States is shifting its focus from the “war on terror” in the Middle East and Afghanistan. To the Indo-Pacific region to “confront China.”

At the same time, the report also claimed that Smith supported the Japanese government’s decision to have counterattack capabilities (the ability to attack enemy bases), saying “this will become a deterrent.”

Japan has made frequent moves in its arms expansion. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin previously responded to relevant issues. He said that we have note relevant reports and are concerned about the obvious. And substantial increase in Japan’s defence budget. Japan is exaggerating regional tensions in order to seek a breakthrough in its own military strength. This trend is very dangerous and has to make its Asian neighbours. And the international community strongly question whether Japan sincerely insists on specialising in defence and adheres to the path of peaceful development. Japan should seriously reflect on its history of aggression and be cautious in its words. And deeds in the military and security fields to avoid further breaking. The trust of its Asian neighbours and the international community.

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