Missing Crocodiles

More than 70 crocodiles have gone missing from a farm in the southern Chinese city of Maoming due to flooding caused by Typhoon Haikui.
According to Chinese media, authorities in Maoming have launched an operation to capture these animals that have gone missing from the farm and have issued instructions to people living in nearby communities to stay indoors.

According to reports, there are 69 large and six small crocodiles among the missing, while the authorities attached to the emergency department in Mauming have so far captured only eight.

Typhoon Haikui has been wreaking havoc in South Asia for the past week. And seven deaths have been confirmed so far.
According to Chinese state media, there have been no reports of any casualties or injuries since the disappeared.
In a video shared by Global Times on Twitter, crocodiles can be seen around the farm.

“The situation is still under control, but the number of escaped crocodiles is quite high. A member of the city administration’s emergency department told China’s state-run newspaper.
The crocodiles missing from the farm are of the ‘Siamese’ breed. Thrive in fresh water, and can grow up to 10 feet long.

Another member of the emergency department told the media that the average weight of these could be 75 kg.
He further informed me that ‘caught crocodiles have been shot dead.’
In China, the skin and meat of these animals are used to make medicine. South China is considered a good breeding area for crocodiles because it is a warm area.

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