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Hundreds of refugees from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including entire families, are currently standing in long lines at the border between Mexico and the United States. To enter the US state of California.

According to the news agency Reuters, such scenes were see near San Diego, California, in May this year. When hundreds of refugees from around the world gathered here.

Aid workers and human rights workers provided food and drink items. To refugees in the area between the barriers on the borders of the two countries.Aid workers also gave various items to children accompanying refugees awaiting clearance from US Customs and Border Protection.Reuters photos show people lining up around US Border Patrol agents as they give them directions.

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Foreign Media Photo

“The influx of refugees that we’re seeing start on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week,” said Adriana Jasso, a human rights attorney at the American Friends Service Committee.Adriana Jasso said, “Given the experience of May, we were hopeful that these refugees would be admitted to the next phase soon by the aid agency, but the situation is as it is, and hundreds of people are still stuck between the barriers between the two countries’ borders or are within the barriers.’

United States. Regulations

During the Corona epidemic in the United States. Regulations called Title 42 were implement to prevent the entry of refugees into the country. Which expired in May this year.Since then, thousands of people, mostly from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, have tried to enter the US illegally. In search of a better life.Adriana Jasso called the crowd of refugees gathered for an “informal meeting of the United Nations” and said, “These people have come here from all over the world. People have come here from Cameroon. There are also refugees from West Africa and Colombia. Peru, Ecuador, and some from Mexico

“We saw a large number of refugees here from Asia, most of them from Vietnam. He said.Hassan Hamza, from the African country of Ghana, arrived here in six weeks. They started their journey by land from Brazil.Hassan Hamza said that this is not easy. Life in Africa is very difficult. You know that’s why we’re running to save ourselves.’

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