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A 77-year-old American citizen won a $5 million prize last week and decided to buy watermelon and flowers for his wife first.
A resident of the US state of Colorado won more than 5 million dollars in the lottery, but the special thing is that after winning the prize, he first bought flowers and watermelons for his wife.

According to a statement released by the Colorado Lottery, Montrose resident Bud T, 77, emerged as the lucky winner of the $5 million Colorado ‘Lotto Plus Jackpot’.
The press release stated that Mr. Budd was retired and was on a backpacking trip with his golden retriever dog, Augie.

When he returned from his trip, he checked his ticket on the website and thought it might be a mistake that his name appeared on the list of winners.
At the age of 77, Mr. Budd is still a keen hiker. Mr. Bud loves cycling and playing tennis. Bud T. and his wife spend six months of each year in Arizona and six months in Colorado.

“Colorado is the most beautiful place in the world,” he says.
Mr. Budd purchased his ticket at the Hangin Tree Travel Plaza in Montrose and selected the $2,533,520 option.
His first step after winning was to buy watermelons and flowers for his wife.
Mr. Budd and his wife were living a normal life in America. But now he is happy that he will not have to face financial difficulties during his surgery.
Now he also plans to spend a part of his wealth on charity.

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