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A Mexican journalist who has long studied UFOs showed two “mummy bodies” suspected of being “alien remains” at a hearing in the Mexican Congress on the 12th, trying to prove that there are indeed other life forms outside the earth, but these two The authenticity of the “mummy” has been widely questioned by scientists.

Two “mummy corpses”

The Mexican House of Representatives held a hearing on UFOs for more than three hours on the 12th.

During the hearing, Mexican journalist José Jaime Mausan, who has long believed in the existence of UFOs, showed the two “mummy bodies” to Mexican lawmakers. They are packed in wooden boxes, respectively. They have small bodies, only three fingers on each hand, and flat faces.

Maosang claim that these two “mummy corpses” were discover deep underground in the Nazca region of Peru in 2017. The origin of the local Nazca landscape remains a mystery. While most researchers believe the Nazca paintings were creat by ancient natives, some associate them with aliens.

Photo by Chinese Media
Photo by Chinese Media

Mao Sang said that these two “mummy corpses” are key evidence. “If DNA shows that they are not humans and there are no such creatures in the world. We should accept this fact.” He said that radiocarbon dating tests by the National Autonomous University of Mexico showed. That the two “mummies” had about 1,000 years of history.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is schedule to re-release a related statement from 2017 on the 14th. The statement said that the tests conducted by the National Laboratory of Accelerated Mass Spectrometry. At the school that year were only use to determine the age of the samples. “We will never draw conclusions about the origin of the samples.”.

Jose Dergez Salce Benitez, the main director of the Mexican Naval Institute of Health Sciences. Also attended the hearing to testify on the 12th. He said that X-ray scans, 3D reconstruction, and DNA analysis have been carry out on the two “mummy bodies”. “I can confirm that these remains have nothing to do with humans.”

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