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An animal with strange characteristics in Brazil has surprised doctors; it has the characteristics of both a fox and a dog.
According to the Khaleej Times news agency, this animal, which has the common characteristics of a dog and a fox, was revealed in 2021.
According to research, it is the world’s first dog or fox.

The animal was first spotted in 2021 after being hit by a car in the Brazilian state of Vicaria.
The hybrid animals was taken to the vet for treatment. Where it was difficult for the doctors to tell if it was a dog or a fox.
After observation by scientists from a local university, it was found to be a ‘Pompus fox. And a ‘crossbreed’ of a dog.

According to the experts, this animal is dead, and it was the first hybrid of dog and fox.
“Our experiments show that this is the first generation of dogs and foxes,” the researchers say.
He further said that although this species of animals was dispersed 6.7 million years ago. It can still produce hybrid animals. Their production needs further investigation.

The researchers named this crossbreed of dog and fox ‘grasora’ and ‘dogsum’.
This bisexual animal preferred to hunt and eat rats instead of being given food.

Flavia Ferrari, who cared for the animals during its recovery, said of the animal, “It was an amazing animal. It was not easy to get used to humans like a dog. But it was easier to handle than wild animals.
“It was shy and liked to stay away from humans,” he added.

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