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UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organisation, has added ‘Tel Sultan’, located in the occupied West Bank city of Jericho, to the list of world heritage sites.
According to the news agency SPA, the World Heritage Committee under UNESCO has done so during the ongoing meeting in Riyadh.

‘Tel al-Sultan’, which predates the pyramids of Egypt, is an oval-shaped mound with prehistoric evidence of human presence.
The Director General of the World Heritage Organisation in Palestine, Dr. Ahmad al-Jub, said. That the city of Jericho is a model of the first and oldest political, social. And administrative system in the whole world. It is not only the oldest walled city in the whole world. But also the city with the oldest social, political, economic, and religious systems in the world. The role of this city in the evolution of human civilization is credible.

He said that the decision to join the list of world heritage sites for “Tal Al Sultan-Jericho” is a cultural victory. It will have economic and social effects.
He said that ‘Palestine is a country that does not have income resources. But it is rich in cultural, religious, and natural heritage. The inclusion of Jericho on the World Heritage List will have economic benefits. The number of tourists will increase, which will improve the income of society. The inhabitants of Jericho will prosper, and the Palestinian economy will improve.

According to archaeologists

According to archaeologists, “Tal Al ultan-Jericho”  is the oldest walled city in the whole world. The ruins here tell the story of human history. The story of the city dates back to the modern Hijri period. It continued until the Byzantine Empire. There is also a giant round minaret.
Also, there are signs of walls to protect the city. For more than a hundred years, exploration work went on here. Which reveale that the ruins of the oldest fortified city inhabit by humans were buried under tonnes of soil.

The Palestinian delegate appointed to UNESCO said that the ancient city of Jericho is the fifth place in Palestine to be included in the list of world heritage sites.
He said that three places included in the list are endangered, while two places are on the normal list. Among them, the ancient city of Al-Quds is one such place that is considered sacred by all three heavenly religions.

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