Suppose you hear great reviews about a brand; every person you talk to loves their service, your friends suggest their products, and even the newsfeed of every app keeps pushing their advertisement.

You finally give in and search for the brand. You open their website, and it looks…disappointing. 

After every good impression that built high expectations, seeing a dull website sours your experience.

As the internet brings countless possibilities a click away, websites play a crucial part in deciding brand outreach.

For many customers, the website is the final stop between them and purchasing your product.

This is why plenty of companies invest in a custom web design agency for a website.

What is web design?

A collection of practices that help create and maintain websites. Here are some factors to show what web design includes:

User Interface Design

A terrible website is a true test of someone’s patience.

Barely visible font, no search bar, or disorderly organization are a few of the many problems that make browsing websites difficult.

Navigating a website should be a smooth and understandable process so the user doesn’t tire themselves in simply learning the location of a drop-down menu or chat option.

What helps curate an efficient navigation system is User Interface design.

UI design centers around the target audience of a service; it caters directly to creating a well-planned and coherent interface for user interactions.

As part of web design, the practice gets employed in creating a user-friendly website. 

So, each time the target audience opens your website, they are welcomed by a well-defined interface that is easy to navigate and memorable. 

Bringing Designs to Life

A recipe doesn’t give you a complete dish; cooking according to a recipe does.

Under web design, UI design only helps provide a recipe or blueprint of the site’s look and feel; coding the design helps bring a website to life.

However, developing a site is no easy feat. 

The task requires expertise in multiple software, and most website designs only operate after extensive coding.

Developing is a significant step as it ensures no glitches or errors are occuring in the final website. The process plays a crucial part in deciding the performance of any website.

Often, companies seek a custom web design agency because it lets development be handled by experienced professionals, decreasing the chances of a faulty website.

Easily-Accessible Design

What happens when you open the same website on your phone and desktop? 

Their interface seems different.

Opening a website would’ve been limited to desktops two decades ago, but times have changed. Up to 85% of Americans own a phone today, so web designers must adapt accordingly.

Good designers take into account the difference in dimensions of phones and desktops, creating a website that fits both screens perfectly.

This step ensures that all elements of the website interface and its theme remain consistent as the website transitions from desktop to phone mode.

The website should not fall apart on any of these devices, as it reflects negligence towards maintenance from the brand’s end.

Additionally, all sections on a desktop website must be available on the phone, as the lack of consistency affects accessibility.

Catering to Different Clients

Not all transactions for a company include one person availing their service.

There are two types of business transactions. B2C and B2B.

B2C refers to transactions between a business and a customer/s, while B2B refers to those between two companies.

The point is that the demand and nature of both transactions vary. As a brand website helps people connect with a company, it must cater to all types of clients.

Web design, more specifically a custom web design agency customizes brand websites according to the above requirements.

As a result, B2B and B2C clients find the information they require, plus any specific communication channel customized for each party.

This feature can refine brand connections and open a company towards collaborations/ other business opportunities.


We often dismiss translation options on websites as it is not required. However, think of a non-English speaker getting the same choice; there is a high chance they will choose that option.

Most companies require translations when they offer services to a global audience; the translation gives context to diverse groups.

When part of a brand website, translations become significant to web design as each page gets replicated in several languages.

Web designers ensure all translations are accurate and phrase wording in an order that provides context. As font and content are create specific to a site’s layout, designers ensure content in each language fits the settled criteria.

Often, brands do not require translations but include it as a factor that can potentially attract a different audience to their service.

Interactive Features to Explore

A bubble wrap always results in people fighting the urge to pop a bubble; eventually, they give in.

Brand websites should be similar to bubble wrap; their interactivity should be indulging for customers. 

So, how do companies create this engagement?


A web design agency adds value to brand websites by customizing content specific to the brand. This content can be newsletters or discounts, early access, or priority to specific customers.

With these additional options available, customers feel the brand concentrates on their satisfaction. 

In the long run, such services promote loyalty towards the company.

Web designers create such features as they promote a brand’s versatility and showcase their dedication to having a well-developed website over an average one.

Additionally, such characteristics help designers differentiate their client from a competitor brand website.

Summing It Up

Web design plays a definitive role in establishing an online presence for any brand, extending a company towards endless opportunities by building its place on an internationally accessible platform.

Web design creates well-rounded websites by prioritizing user experiences, launching a site without errors, considering all transaction demands, being inclusive, and guaranteeing a website is interactive for customers.

Therefore, a custom web design agency ensures a brand website is as good as its reviews.

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