Alaska King Crab

Recently, a Japanese woman visiting Singapore with her friends was shocked to see the Alaska King Crab bill at a restaurant there.
According to a New York Post report, the female tourist who was billed $680 (200,000 Pakistani rupees) for a dish of shrimp called the police.

Singaporean lifestyle website ‘Asia One’ wrote that the Japanese female tourist said. I was not properly inform about the price of this dish by the restaurant staff.”
Japanese tourist Jinko Shinba was eating at the Seafood Paradise restaurant on August 19. When she realised that the Alaska King Crab dish she had ordered cost about $680.

Ginko Shinba explained to the police that he had ordered the restaurant’s’signature Alaskan king chilli dish’ after a waiter recommended it.
“The waiter described the shrimp as a dish that cost $20. But he was not tell that the restaurant charges per 100 grammes of the dish.”
The Japanese tourist claim that she was not even inform about the total weight of the Alaska King Crab before preparing the dish.

The restaurant asked the group of four, including a Japanese female tourist. To pay a bill of $680 for the approximately 3,500-gramme dish.
“We were all shock to see the bill for this dish. As none of us know that the whole crab would be cook just for us,. It said a 50-year-old man in the four-member group of tourists.

Restaurant staff

The restaurant staff explained that ‘this group was not charg much. The staff also showed them the bill receipt of another customer who had ordered a similar dish.
After some discussion, the restaurant management reduced his bill by $78 ‘in the spirit of charity’.

A Paradise Group representative later said, “We stand by our staff on the issue that customers. Our staff were clearly inform of the price and weight of Alaskan king crab before ordering.”

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