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A spokesman for Afghanistan’s interior ministry has said the Taliban are building a large-scale camera smart cities surveillance network for various cities, which could involve re-developing a plan developed before the US withdrawal in 2021.
According to the British news agency Reuters, the spokesman said that the focus of the Taliban administration is on restoring smart cities surveillance and controlling ISIS. The administration has also consulted with Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei about possible cooperation.

However, some analysts question the ability of the financially strapped Afghan government to fund the program. Human rights organizations have expressed concern that the smart cities surveillance program could be used to crack down on protesters.

Abdul Mateen Qani, spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, said that under the new security strategy, attention will be paid to important points in Kabul and other places. According to him, the full implementation of this program will take four years.

He said that currently we are working on the security map of Kabul. Which is being complet by security experts and it is taking a lot of time. We already have two maps, one made by the US for the previous government and the other by Turkey.
He did not elaborate on when the Turkish plan was make.
A US State Department spokesman said Washington was not “partnering” with the Taliban and had “made it clear to the Taliban that it is their responsibility not to provide safe havens to terrorists.”

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Abdul Mateen Qani

Abdul Mateen Qani said the Taliban had discussed a possible network with Huawei in August. But no deal have been confirm.
Bloomberg News reported in August. That Huawei had reached a “verbal agreement” with the Taliban on a deal to install smart cities surveillance systems.
Huawei told Reuters in September that “no plans were discuss” during the meeting.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said he was not aware of any specific discussions. But said that China has always support the peace and reconstruction process in Afghanistan. And supported Chinese enterprises for relevant practical cooperation. Who is it?

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