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An entrepreneur is someone who needs to manage their time and work efficiently. To do that, one of the most efficient ways of making your work effective and maintaining workflow is using templates for different work criteria.

These templates become effective when you are running a business or working as a freelancer. Here we will explore seven templates essential to running your business or managing clients.

Invoice Template

Invoices are essential for billing your clients or customers. Maintaining a template to note all your invoices and total expenses is required. In the template, keeping the proprietor’s contact information, the service or items provided, payment terms, and the amount due is essential. Using that template as a business tracker can help you keep updated about the payment system.

Proposal Template

A proposal template is a thing that is required to win a client or to propose a project plan to the clients. The freelancer needs to gather new clients to provide their service. A proposal template will have a timeline, scope of work, and proper details of the deliverables. It saves time from designing a separate proposal for every client.

Contract Template

A contract template is there to establish clear terms with clients. It provides aspects of project scope, payment terms, IP rights, and confidentiality. A standard contract template is something that helps to minimize the risks of misunderstandings and to reduce legal compliances.

Client Onboarding Template

When we gather new clients, it is essential to know that you need a proper induction process for your clients. It is an essential step as a proper onboarding process can make them aware of the realities of your organization, and a client can get a clear perspective.

An onboarding template includes a questionnaire or a survey form to help you gather relevant information.

Social Media Content Calendar

A content calendar is a lifesaver if you are a freelance influencer. There is a content calendar template using Google Sheets that helps you plan and prepare for months ahead. The template is there to include content categories and also to research relevant research. Content calendars are also essential for marketing materials and maintaining a strategy for relevant posts and timelines.

Project Timeline Template

Keeping track of the projects is needed for the freelancers to update their clients about their work. A project timeline will keep you with the milestones and phases you have achieved in your client’s work. It is also essential to allocate resources properly for each project and keep track of the amount invested.

Expense Tracking Template

It is essential to keep track of your expenses, and to do that efficiently; an expense tracking template is a perfect tool for the job. As a freelancer, you might not be able to hire an accountant. Therefore, you will need this template to ease your work.

All these templates are a must when you are venturing on your own.