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China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the US is truly an “Empire of Lies”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s strong response on Saturday came after a US State Department report accused Beijing of spending billions of dollars a year on disinformation efforts.

The US State Department said in its report released on Thursday that China manipulates global media for its own purposes through censorship, data collection (in a negative way) and covert buying of foreign news outlets.According to the report, despite the unprecedented resources devoted to the campaign, China’s efforts to target democracies faced “major pushback” from local media and civil society.

This detailed report was prepared under a congressional mandate.China’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the report ignores facts and is itself based on lies.According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the agencies of the US State Department that prepared this report were a source of disinformation and a command post for all kinds of war.””Facts have proven time and time again that America is truly an ‘Empire of Lies,'” the statement added.

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US State Department

Earlier, regarding the report of the US State Department, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Pengyu. Said that this report is an attempt to increase the ideological conflict and discredit China’s domestic and foreign policies. He said that this report, written with a Cold War mentality, is another tool to suppress China. And strengthen American supremacy. China is strongly against such measures. It should be note that the US report comes amid controversy over China’s efforts. To expand its government-controlled media globally in recent years. Beijing is making efforts to counter the negative perception of what it sees as propaganda by the global media.

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