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At least 21 people have been killed and 18 injured after a tourists bus falls off bridge on a camping trip plunged off a flyover near Venice, Italy.
According to the British news agency Reuters, the bus hit the barriers, went down the road near the railway line, and caught fire.

The cause of the accident is still not clear.
Venice city councillor Renato Borasso said the investigation revealed that the 40-year-old Italian driver among the dead had fallen ill before the accident.
“It’s a terrible tragedy; the whole city is in mourning,” he told Sky Italia television.

He said that there were 40 passengers in the coach, of whom 21 were killed and 18 were injured then bus falls off bridge.
Venice’s city councillor has expressed fears that the death toll could rise. As many of the injured are in critical condition.
According to the authorities, the bus went out of control and hit the electric wires under the bridge. Causing the bus to catch fire and come to rest near the railway track.

“It’s an apocalyptic scene,” Venice Mayor Luigi Brogniero wrote in his post on X (Twitter). I have no words.
The local representative of the Ministry of Interior, Michelle Di Bari. He said that the victims include five Ukrainians and one German citizen.
According to Italian news agency ANSA, passengers from France and Croatia were also on the bus.

“The bus is completely crush,” Michele Di Bari told Sky Italia television. Firefighters have faced difficulty removing the bodies.
He said that two children were also includ among the dead.

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