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Hamas, the Palestinian armed organisation in the Gaza Strip, raided Israel in the early morning of October 7, killing a large number of Israelis and abducting civilians. The mother of a German girl kidnapped by Hamas calls for help.

According to a report by CNN on October 7. Hamas armed men attacked a music festival in Israel, took an unconscious woman hostage, and paraded her through the streets.

CNN has confirmed the identity of the German girl, Shani Louk, who holds dual German and Israeli citizenship. Her cousin confirmed to The Washington Post that Rock attended the Israeli harvest festival. “We recognised her by her tattoos, and she had long dreadlocks. We still had hope. Hamas kidnapped her and others.”

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A source from the German Foreign Ministry told CNN: “The German Foreign Ministry and the embassy in Israel are in close contact with the Israeli authorities to find out whether German citizens are affect and to what extent.”

Locke’s mother told German media: “This morning my daughter Locke, a German citizen. And a group of tourists were kidnap by the Palestinian armed group Hamas in southern Israel. We received a video in which I could clearly see our daughter. Unconscious in a car next to Palestinians driving in the Gaza Strip. I ask for your help or any information you can provide us. Thank you very much.”

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Saudi Foreign Minister rejected the targeting of Palestinian citizens

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