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With the changes in the environment, many animals on the earth are on the verge of extinction or even going extinct. Extinct animals mean that we will never see them in real life again. And if they are accidentally discover, extinct animals are actually If it is still alive, it will definitely attract people’s attention, because people only know how to cherish it after losing it. This article will inform you about world’s smallest deer.

Recently, an extinct animal has reappeared in Vietnam. It is the silver-backed mousedeer. The silver-backed mousedeer is a small ungulate species of the mousedeer family. Its body is about the same size as a rabbit, weighing 1.3~2.0 kg, body length 42~63 cm, and shoulder height about 20 cm. From this description, you can tell that it is not much different from ordinary domestic rabbits. It is also consider the smallest deer in the world, it has slender limbs, short forelimbs, a long pointed face, and males have well-developed tusks.

An ecological study published in the Ecology and Evolution column of the British magazine Nature on the 11th stated that the silver-backed mousedeer, the smallest deer species believe to have disappear scientifically for 30 years, was surprisingly rediscover in the wild in Vietnam recently. As soon as this news was release, it immediately caused a sensation in the wildlife protection industry.

Before the world’s smallest deer was rediscover, the last news about it was in 1990. When it appeared as a hunted specimen. At that time, the silver-backed mousedeer was already very rare. So people also believe that it is likely to be the last silver-backed mousedeer surviving in the world. After that, this animal has not been see again for 30 years. And many animal protection organisations around the world have also considered the world’s smallest deer extinct.

Vietnam deer
world’s smallest deer

silver-backed mousedeer

However, recently, a silver-backed mousedeer was photographed alive again, which make people excite. Because animals like the silver-backed mousedeer are timid and cautious by nature. They like to be active in the evening and at night. They feed on the young leaves, flowers, and fruits of plants. These are mainly distribute in Indochina, Indonesia’s Java, Sumatra, and other islands. As well as in the Guangxi and Yunnan areas of my country.

The area where the silver-backed mousedeer was discover again is the Da Annan Ecological Region in Vietnam and Laos. This is one of the areas with the most significant ecological diversity in the world; coincidentally, the silver-backed mousedeer was includ in the world’s wildlife protection for the first time. The organisation is also here. In 1910, zoologists first recorded this animal in an animal conservation atlas based on specimens obtained near Nha Trang City, Vietnam. At that time, the number of silver-backed mousedeer was quite large. Who would have thought that eighty years later, this animal would be on the verge of extinction?

Since this kind of animal can still be found in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and even Myanmar, there should be a certain possibility that there will be silver-backed mousedeer in the jungles of Guangxi and Yunnan cities of china. Which border my country, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar, but I think it’s not that simple to find them.

Although the silver-backed mousedeer has been confirm to have reappear in the world. It does not mean that they are not in danger of extinction. If people do not know how to protect the rare species and continue hunting and vandalism. The reappearance of the silver-backed mousedeer will be like a flash in the pan. Therefore, the most urgent thing to do is to protect the silver-backed mousedeer. Preserve the DNA of its population, and do everything possible to prevent the extinction of this species.

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