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Israel has asked its citizens to move to the southern area from northern Gaza within the next 24 hours before entering its forces into Gaza.
According to the Reuters news agency, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement that the Israeli army informed the world body on Friday morning that 11 million residents of northern Gaza were given an ultimatum to move south. Is.

According to Reuters, the Israeli military had no immediate comment on the warning.
Israel has begun massing its tanks along the Gaza border and is continuing to bombard it with jets.
More than 1,500 people, including 500 children, have been kill in the bombing of Gaza. After thousands of rockets were fired at Israel by the Palestinian militant group Hamas last Saturday.

According to the spokesperson of the United Nations, “the international organisation considers it impossible to transfer such a large number of citizens without ending in a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.”
“The United Nations calls for the withdrawal of any order that could turn an already ongoing tragedy into a more catastrophic situation,” the statement said.
According to the spokesman, the order of the Israeli army has also been applied to all UN staff. And the shelters, schools, medical centres, and clinics under their management.
Reuters contacted the United Nations mission in New York for comment on the order, but there was no immediate response.

Internet Photo
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1,300 people were kill in Hamas’s attack on Israel last week. Which is consider the biggest attack in the country’s history.
The population of Gaza is around 2.3 million, and the Israeli bombardment has caused widespread destruction.

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