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Whenever any of us is sick, the first thing we do is consult a specialist doctor for a diagnosis and take the prescribed medicine.
But after the advent of software chat GPT made of artificial intelligence, the question has arisen in many minds: is artificial intelligence going to replace medical experts?

In many minds, the question must have arisen whether this technology has the ability to accurately diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment or not.
It is also natural to raise the question of whether the information obtained from ChatGBT can be effective in the context of diagnosing the disease and prescribing the correct treatment without human medical expertise or not.
In this regard, read the report prepared based on the opinions of the experts and find the answers to all the above-mentioned questions.

How beneficial is Chat GPT for your health?

Chat GPT can be very useful for information on common diseases. For example, if you want to know the causes of a cold or flu, it will provide you with important information.
If you find out about the proposed medicine or the precautions and side effects of the medicine, information about it will also be displayed.
ChatGPT is a diagnostic tool, but more than that, it is an information source from which you can get information about any disease or the medicine required to treat it. If it is about the correct diagnosis of the disease, then it is necessary to consult a specialised physician.

A few things before getting information from ChatGPT

Chat GPT certainly provides useful information in certain situations. Experts say that before you use this technology to find out anything about your disease, you must consider these few points to get as much information as possible to avoid any problems. stay

Mention the details.

To get information from ChatGPT, you need to provide complete information about your disease, e.g., if you want to know about cough, mention all its details, i.e., the nature of the cough, its duration, whether the cough is dry or phlegm, etc., to get better results from ChatGPT.
Apart from this, also inform Chat GPT about your general health and previous diseases, i.e., if you are suffering from respiratory or other diseases, then it is mandatory to mention them.

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Personal Information

It is correct that you provide Robotech Services with complete information regarding your health but do not share your personal information with them in any way, for example, your date of birth and the medications you are taking, as this information will be used by Robotech to reach the manufacturing company.
Therefore, if a question is to be asked, it should be in the form of, ‘I have a friend; he is about 60 years old; he has a dry cough; what tests can be done to diagnose him?’, etc.

Do your own research.

Search for information about your disease or illness yourself to compare the information in the chat.
Experts recommend that you only rely on information obtained from reliable government or academic sources and that the information is not too old.
Even if you have received some medical advice from Chat GPT, bring it up with your doctor, as a human source is always reliable.

Trust the medical advice from ChatGPT?

As mentioned above, the advice received from ChatGPT regarding health and disease should not be considered final. But should be considered informational only, and the final decision rests with your doctor.

Limited information

Don’t think that ChatGPT is fully informed, as the information it contains is limited as of September 2021. But the owners of ChatGPT will continue to update it.
Also, since GPT does not have direct access to search engines or the World Wide Web. It has programmes to retrieve information from various sources, Including books, websites, and the like, or rather, robots. It collects some results for you, but it does not itself know about the validity of the content obtained.

Wrong information

If you ask any question, ChatGPT will provide you with information about it. But the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed.
According to research by digital health magazine ‘PLOS’, chat GPT was tested by ‘USMLE’. In which the answers to the questions were found to be correct up to 50%. Due to which there is a possibility of error. Is.
Although ChatGPT cannot independently research or verify the content. However, in this regard, some medical journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association. Have said that scientific research efforts can only be made possible by human beings. So chat with your GP for medical advice. T is continuously monitored so that its responses can be analysed extensively.

Absence of physical examination

Clinical diagnosis does not depend only on the symptoms that the patient describes. But also requires a physical examination and a doctor’s direct assessment of the patient’s condition.

It is also worth noting that the information sought regarding the disease is of a basic nature. As is the fact that there is no physical examination through the chat. Where as the doctor also conducts a physical examination of the patient. After which his disease is diagnosed. is evaluated correctly. So it can be said that the information obtained from Chat GPT can sometimes prove to be incorrect.

Structure of the Chat GPT

It is a fact that ChatGPT is nothing more than a linguistic model of artificial intelligence. Which responds by memorising the text and does not examine the patient or study his physical condition. Therefore, it cannot be considered sufficient for the diagnosis of the disease.

Can Chat GPT be a substitute for doctors?

There will always be a need for doctors and medical specialists. Who are able to diagnose the disease only after a physical examination of the patient. Usually, when you ask the chat for medical advice, it finally says to consult your doctor as well.
Artificial intelligence technology can be helpful to the extent of assisting doctors in scheduling or storing patient information. But it cannot be said that it will replace doctors.
In the end, it would be fair to say that artificial intelligence cannot be completely trusted for the diagnosis and treatment of any disease. But if you get any information from it, then you must consult your doctor about it.

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