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Britain’s Special Air Squad is preparing for a possible joint operation with Israel to rescue hostages held by Hamas.
Arab News, referring to the British newspaper ‘EYE’, said that about 200 people have been hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Including 10 British citizens, and that special measures are being take to rescue them. Apart from the Israeli army, the Air Squad is also in contact with the US Delta Force.

According to the report, the hostages belong to different countries and are believe to be held in tunnels and other places by Hamas.
A military source told the newspaper that “due to the situation in Israel. The preparations of the special squad have accelerated.”

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“The training phase of a Special Air Squad has been terminate several days ahead of schedule as part of its special deployment plan.”
British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly confirmed on Monday that 10 British citizens were among those being held hostage in Gaza.

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The report states that since 2011, the Special Forces have carried out three rescue missions.
These operations were carry out in Kenya, Nigeria, and Yemen.
During the same period, he also held six secret meetings, one of which took place before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After the attacks, there was an exodus from northern Gaza to Khan Yunis and other areas
After the attacks, there was an exodus from northern Gaza to Khan Yunis and other areas

Justin Crump, a senior military official and head of the Sibylline Intelligence Group, told the newspaper that “the way Hamas has taken hostages. It looks like they are being held in different areas of Gaza.”
He further said that ‘Hamas wants the hostages to live. And they will be give food and water. And they will also be give medical care because they want them to negotiate with Israel. Seen as ‘bargaining chips’.

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