Huawei gold smart watch

Recently, Huawei officially held an autumn full-scenario new product launch conference, launching a new ultra-high-end brand “ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master”, and also releasing the brand’s first gold smart watch, the Huawei Watch Ultimate Design Extraordinary Master. Continuing the good cooperation with Ping An Health on various smart watches. This watch will continue to be provided with “Exclusive Protection” service by Ping An Health.

Gold has always been synonymous with luxury. In the design of this watch, gold not only appears on the bezel but is also fully reflected in details. Such as the rotating crown and the gold-titanium strap between three links. Every 18K gold material is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, giving this smart watch extraordinary ultra-high-end attributes.

Luxury watch

Of course, this watch is not only a luxury smart watch but also a professional health guardian. It can perform comprehensive physical sign monitoring and provide users with professional health management. Including TrueSeenTM 5.0 heart rate monitoring, TrueSeenTM 3.0 scientific sleep, vascular health research, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG monitoring, etc.

Through the integration of Huawei’s watch dynamic data monitoring function and Ping An Health’s “Exclusive Protection” service. Users can enjoy a complete service model of “offline hardware testing + online doctor consultation + offline medical assistance”. When users’ health data is abnormal, they can conduct real-time consultations through the Huawei Sports Health App and Exclusive Guardian Service. Ping An Health’s expert doctor team will provide professional report interpretation services to guide users to seek further medical treatment or improve their lifestyle.

In recent years, Ping An Health and Huawei Sports Health APP have carried out a series of fruitful collaborations around smart hardware, health services, etc. The teams of both parties have worked closely together to provide users with efficient. And professional 7*24-hour family doctors and rare and convenient services. and an extraordinary and intelligent on-wrist experience.

Today, with the rapid development of personal health monitoring technology. The capabilities of smart wearable devices will be further expanded and released. Ping An Health’s rich experience and resources accumulated in the field of health services. Over the years will better support the innovative development of smart hardware. Improve user services and experiences, and promote the in-depth integration of smart wearables and the general health field.

Whatsapp watch
WhatsApp is now available for testing on any Wear OS smartwatch

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