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Thousands of Palestinian supporters demonstrated in London and other cities on Saturday, demanding that Israel stop bombing Gaza.
According to the US news agency Associated Press. Israel-Hamas war has entered its third week, and the effects of this war have spread throughout the world.

Demonstrators wave Palestinian flags in the rain at Marble Arch near London’s Hyde Park. Demanding an end to Israel’s blockade and airstrikes on Gaza.
On the other hand, the British authorities have urged the Palestinian supporters involved in the demonstration to feel and bear in mind the pain and suffering of the Jews.
London’s Metropolitan Police Force said in a statement. That there were some incidents of disorderly conduct and hate speech during the protests. But most of the protest activities were within the scope of the law.
Thousands of protesters also march in solidarity with Palestine in central Sydney, Australia. On Saturday, chanting ‘Shame on Israel’ and ‘Palestine will never die’.
Gaza authorities have said that more than 4,300 people have been kill in the area. While 1,400 people have been killed in Israel, including those killed in the October 7 attack.
It should be note that Israel continued to bomb its targets in the area on Saturday ahead of the expected ground operations in Gaza.

Demonstrators in New York raised placards and shouted slogans of 'ceasefire'
Demonstrators in New York raised placards and shouted slogans of ‘ceasefire’ (Israel-Hamas war)

On the other hand, only a convoy of 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid has been allowe. To enter Gaza through the southern Rafah border crossing adjacent to Egypt.
There have been reports of protests in the Arab world and other countries on Friday over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank burned tyres and threw stones at Israeli military checkpoints during the protests. In response to which Israeli security forces retaliated by firing tear gas shells.
Demonstrations are also ongoing in Israel’s northern neighbour Lebanon, in Iraq along the border with Jordan, inside Jordan. And in several cities and towns in Egypt too. In addition to the Turkish capital Ankara and the most populous city, Istanbul. There have been protests in Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, and South Africa.

The Jewish community of Rome kept empty chairs in memory of the hostages
The Jewish community of Rome kept empty chairs in memory of the hostages (Israel-Hamas war)

There have also been pro-Israel protests and vigils around the world. Many of which have focused on securing the return of hostages held by Hamas.
Rome’s Jewish community, on the other hand, remembered more than 200 hostages and set up empty chairs for each of the hostages outside the capital’s main synagogue.
On the back of each chair decorated for the hostages. All chairs was display the name, age, and photograph of the missing person.

In New York, hundreds of Muslims, Jews, and people of other faiths demonstrated outside US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Manhattan office, many chanting ‘cease fire’.
There have also been reports of New York police arresting dozens of protesters. For blocking Third Avenue outside Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office.
Brooklyn resident Rabbi Miriam Grossman, who was present at the event. Said she knows many people who are grieving the deaths in the Hamas attack. Or whose friends and family members have been take hostage.
Maryam Grossman said that she also knows many Palestinians who are ‘living in the shadow of fear’ due to being cut off from their loved ones in Gaza.
Dozens of people gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Mexico City on Friday evening, chanting ‘Free Palestine’ and lighting candles in memory of those killed in the attacks.

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