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The Muslim countries that most support Israel appeared, and Azerbaijan Airlines sent ambulances to Israel. While Türkiye protests against Israel, Armenia condemns Israel and supports Palestine. However, Azerbaijan still supports Israel.

Although both Azerbaijan and Iran are Shiites, Azerbaijan is a secular society. Therefore, Azerbaijan expelled Iranian clergy, closed schools established by Iran, and had very bad relations with Iran. In this way, Israel and Azerbaijan have a common language.

Azerbaijan is one of muslim countries that support israel
Azerbaijan is one of muslim countries that support israel

At the same time, Azerbaijan is Israel’s largest source of energy, and most of Israel’s oil comes from Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani army relies heavily on weapons and ammunition produced by Israel. Azerbaijan relied on Israeli weapons to defeat Armenia twice and seize the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
During Azerbaijan’s reforms, attention should be paid to absorbing investment from Israeli technology companies. Therefore, numerous interests keep Azerbaijan and Israel very close.

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