Display cards

The full name of the graphics card is the display interface card, also known as the display adapter. It is one of the most basic configuration and most important accessories of the computer. So how much do you know about graphics cards?

As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card is a device for digital-to-analog signal conversion and is responsible for outputting and displaying graphics. The graphics card is connected to the computer motherboard. It converts the computer’s digital signals into analog signals for display on the monitor. At the same time, the graphics card still has image processing capabilities, which can assist the CPU in working and improve the overall running speed. Graphics cards are very important for people who are engage in professional graphic design. Graphics chip suppliers for civilian and military graphics cards mainly include AMD (AMD) and Nvidia (NVIDIA). Today’s top 500 computers all contain display card computing cores. In scientific computing, graphics cards are call display accelerator cards.

In fact, the graphics card not only processes images and graphics, it is also responsible for signal conversion of the information that has been processed by the host (including CPU and GPU) and transmits it to the display, so that the display can display the corresponding picture.

The graphics card consists of the graphics core (GPU), circuit board (PCB), video memory, gold finger, power supply & display interface, and heat dissipation. The core of the graphics card is of course the graphics card core. The display card core is mainly compose of the computing unit cuda core, the control unit, the cache unit, etc. The biggest difference between the CPU and the GPU is that the GPU is mostly responsible for repetitive 3D modeling or 3D rendering, while the stream processor (operating unit, SP for short) is responsible for vertex operations or pixel operations. In this way, in different In this scenario, the graphics card can dynamically allocate the number of stream processors for vertex operations and pixel operations to achieve efficient resource utilization.

Display performance is a part of system performance. Its performance is determine by the above four steps. It is different from the performance of the display card (VideoPerformance). If strict distinction is to be make. The performance of the display card should be determine by the middle two steps. Because These two steps of data transmission are all within the display card. The first step is for the CPU (the core of the computer, which is compose of arithmetic unit and controller. It called microprocessor or central processing unit) to enter the display card. The last step is for the display card to directly send data to the display screen.

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