Former British Prime Minister Boris

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that he is joining the right-leaning British channel GB News.
According to Arab News, Boris Johnson, who resigned from the British Parliament after the investigation of the Partygate scandal, seems excited to work with the broadcaster.

After this announcement, the former Prime Minister said that I would talk about the immense opportunities and challenges for Britain on a global scale.
The GB News Network, known for its right-wing political leanings, has confirmed that the former British Prime Minister will join us as a presenter and commentator.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will join us from early next year and will play a key role in the channel’s extensive coverage of both the UK general election and next year’s US election, the network added.
In a video posted on the social media platform X, the former leader said he would share unflinching views on everything from Russia to China, the war in Ukraine, and how Britain can tackle new challenges. I will discuss it.

GB News
GB News

Boris Johnson previously announced in June that he had offered his services as a columnist for the Daily Mail, but later faced questions over a breach of ministerial code by not informing Parliament.
GB News Network, since its launch in 2021, has discussed the Ukraine war, Islamophobia, and recent Hamas. Israel has been criticised for its controversial stance on issues such as the conflict.

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