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Counting the changes in beds over the years from childhood to adulthood: from the earthen bed in the countryside to the iron-frame hardboard bed in the dormitory when I was in school, and later I bought a house and bought a solid wood bed and a leather bed. I have to lament that this era is changing rapidly. And now available smart bed in market.

As a keyboard worker who faces computers all year round, I spend most of my time in bed every day when I get home from get off work. Especially on weekends, I sleep in, wake up and lie in bed to browse TikTok and watch videos. A leisurely enjoyment. My bed used to have a leather headboard and a mattress from a different brand. After using it for a long time, it became uneven and sagging. When I was sleeping, I felt sore and sore in my back when I woke up. It was very uncomfortable! Entering the smart home era, many home appliances have more and better functions. The bed that has not changed for many years has also ushered in new changes. The one I recommend to you today is this one: 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max .

8H means love me 8 hours a day. The manufacturer Qusleep Technology has been committed to creating fashionable smart homes. The products it launched include sofas, coffee tables, beds, dining tables, etc. The smart electric bed launched this time is an upgraded version. As a big After consumers purchase this household product, it comes with door-to-door delivery service and free installation throughout the process, which is very worry-free!

As mentioned earlier, the upright bed headboard at home lacked support for the neck after being leaned on for a long time, and the wooden bed headboard was hard, making the back uncomfortable when leaning on it. Every time, a pillow or quilt was needed to increase comfort. With the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max, you no longer have to work so hard. The headboard is ergonomically designed with a light curve. The backrest is soft and fits the curve of the spine. It has just the right hardness to ensure support for the neck, and it is made of genuine leather. Warm in winter and cool in summer, just wipe the dust with wet wipes, no need to oil it regularly, just take care of it daily.

This smart electric bed is available in two sizes: 1.8 meters and 1.5 meters. It also comes with two mattress sizes, including a 25CM zero-grade cotton mattress and a 15CM pure latex mattress, which can meet different softness requirements. In order to meet consumer demand for hardness, I use a 25CM zero-density cotton mattress. Don’t underestimate this mattress. It includes 6 layers of materials from the outside to the inside, including full leather edging, 25D brown sponge, and 2.0mm independent Pocket spring, high-density cold foam, 2cm Schcott latex, anti-mite liner, AAA grade antibacterial eucalyptus fiber fabric.

Take the 2cm Schcott latex here as an example. Everyone knows that Thailand is rich in high-quality latex. This product is make of Thai natural latex material, which not only provides latex with natural and comfortable support, is environmentally friendly and has no odor, but also uses Italian Schcott technology to make latex The touch is softer, the foaming is more even, and it is naturally more comfortable. Paired with eucalyptus fiber fabric with silver ion antibacterial technology, it has been verified to have AAA-level antibacterial effects. The antibacterial rate against Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 99.91%, the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli is as high as 94.64%, and the antibacterial rate against Candida albicans The rate is as high as 98.48%, creating a healthy sleeping environment for you.

The advantage of the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max is that it can lift and lower the bed independently through dual 60° back and 40° leg zones. It has FLAT, zero gravity, TV, reading, and anti-snoring adjustment comfort. Enjoy mode, which can be adjust with one click to allow the bed to automatically rise and fall to match the user’s different posture requirements, thereby creating a comfortable experience.

Although it looks like a simple lift, the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max is equipped with an FCC-certified high-efficiency motor, which is hidden under the bed board and is safe to prevent hand pinching. The back and legs are control in separate areas. A single motor can provide a powerful thrust of 600KG. The noise during operation is less than 45dB. It can be use silently at night and will not disturb your family’s sleep.

Regardless of the appearance, the interior materials are more generous. The bed board is mak of larch pine, carbon steel load-bearing material, and anodized aluminum alloy push rods, which can guarantee 20,000 times of expansion and contraction without breakage, ensuring that the bed is sturdy and durable, and the support is stable. No shaking.

The simple design of the six-leg fixation, with a height of 14cm from the ground, reserves enough height for the sweeping robot to prevent dirt and evil practices from hiding under the bed.

The mattress has a patented bending function, which can ensure that the inside of the mattress will not collapse after long-term bending. There is one mode in particular that I like very much, and that is the anti-snoring mode. Some people snore slightly while sleeping. In fact, it is because their heads are too big. When used in anti-snoring mode, the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max can slightly raise your back by 15° to ensure smooth breathing during sleep and reduce snoring.

The most comfortable is the lumbar support mode. In this mode, your back will be raise 10CM, the back 15°C, and the legs raise 20°. Just like on an arch bridge, helping you maintain the proper curvature of the spine, giving you Strong waist support.

I think the most comfortable thing is the TV mode. In this mode, your back will be raise 45° and your legs will be raise 15°. Just like watching a movie in a movie theater seat, and there is no need to add a pillow behind your back to raise the screen. Relying on the comfort, you can easily enjoy your leisure time watching movies at home.

The development speed of smart home has to be amazing! The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max can be connect to the Mijia APP for smart operation on the mobile phone. You can see that there are rich functional adjustments inside, and it also supports voice control by Xiao Ai. If you want to raise the back or lie flat, just say one sentence It’s about words!

If you are not use to mobile phones and voice control. The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max is also equipped with a special wireless remote control. Press and hold to lift and release to stop. It is a simple button remote control that even the elderly can easily use. It comes with two memories. Buttons can remember personal settings and adjust them directly with one click, which is very convenient!

After a period of trial sleep, it can be say that the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max is a stylish, smart, and very comfortable bed. It has a simple design of the headboard and a solid bed body. Also a comprehensive leather edge, which is smooth and wear-resistant. Buying this bed has instantly upgraded my bedroom to a new level.

With the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro Max, it not only provides multi-mode comfortable rest. But also brings a smart technology experience to the home. Selected high-quality materials and antibacterial design create a warm and healthy sleeping environment. It can be say that such a bed integrates a number of sleep technologies. Which can help you improve your quality of life. If you like it, you might as well try it out and experience it. So that you can enjoy the comfort brought by a smart bed every day!

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