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The newly elected President of the Maldives, Mohammad Mueez, says his country will take steps to “send back” Indian military personnel from its shores “as soon as possible” and that this is his top foreign policy priority.

In an interview with the British news agency Reuters, the new president of the Maldives, Mohammad Mueez, who will take office on November 17, said, “I will have open and detailed diplomatic consultations with India to send back military personnel from the Maldives as soon as possible.” .’

Muhammad Muizhu won the presidential election last month by defeating the current president of the Maldives, Muhammad Saleh.
Ibrahim Saleh had followed an ‘India first’ policy, but Mohammad Muizhu had vowed to remove around 75 officials in the Maldives in his election campaign.
He said that our focus is not on the number of military personnel. But on the fact that this should not happen in the Maldives. We will talk to the Indian government and find a way forward for this.”

The Maldives, a country of more than a thousand islands. That has a population of 521,000 but is notable for its location and is known for its luxury tourist resorts.
Both India and China have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure here as they seek to establish their influence.
India has long-standing cultural, economic, and security ties with the Maldives. But India has denied that it has any intention of keeping its military in the Maldives.

Muhammed Muizhu said that he would seek details of the agreement on the construction of a naval port with India. To address concerns about the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives.
“We need cooperation from different countries. But that doesn’t mean there should be a setup that requires a foreign military presence,” he told Reuters.

He said that he will ensure that his country’s relations with India are boost. I am confident that our friends in the Indian leadership will agree. About that a relationship of respect is in our common interest. Which will be beneficial not only to the Maldives and India. But also to the stability and security of the Indian Ocean region.

Muhammed Muizhu is back by a coalition led by the Progressive Party of the Maldives. This party know for its close ties with China. He says that he is not pro-China or against any country but wants to improve relations with China.

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