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An African elephant was drinking water leisurely by the river in a Kenyan national park. Dozens of African sparrows landed on the elephant’s back. The elephant knows that they are here to help rid themselves of parasites. The sparrow waves its sexy little red beak to dig out the lice in the skin folds under the elephant’s hair and eat them with great efficiency. After a while, more African sparrows came to have a feast around the elephant. The elephant suddenly felt relaxed, waving its trunk and grinning.

Later, more sparrows came to have a feast around the elephant. Oh, stop, stop, stop, what are you doing? Why do the lice still stop after eating them? They almost bleed when I don’t see them. Oops, it hurts… The sparrows did not care whether the elephants were alive or dead. In line with the principle of continuing to treat the elephants if they were treated to death, they continued to vigorously wave their little red beaks to bleed the elephants. Moreover, other sparrows were still coming in a steady stream, covering the sky and the sun. There were 200,000 of them. Only.

These sparrows were flying in the sky so densely that their trypophobic elephant companions had long since been frightened away. The elephant finally understood that he could not be stubborn, so he ran away and ran for fifty or sixty meters. Only then did he realize that the sparrows were attacking him. His attacks have subsided somewhat.

Red-billed Quelea finches attack African elephants

Why do so many sparrows fight against elephants? What are the grudges and grudges between them? The scene of a sparrow beating an elephant just mentioned is a real incident that happened in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya five years ago. African sparrows and African elephants are completely unrelated species in terms of size. In fact, they have many conflicting interests.

African red-billed quelea

Although sparrows are small, they have all the internal organs. Sparrows are usually only about 13 centimeters and weigh about the same as a small egg. The wings are round and short ascending wings. These wings cannot fly high or far, but they can quickly move back and forth between woods and grasslands by waving the ascending wings. With wings and body structure suited to both mobile and guerrilla warfare, the sparrow has been very, very successful, becoming the most widespread bird in the world and the most numerous.


The most widely distributed African sparrow is called the red-billed Quelea. The wings and feathers of this sparrow are similar to those of our Chinese sparrows. The biggest difference is that its beak is red, which gives it an aggressive look. It feels like they were responsible for the incident where 200,000 sparrows teamed up to beat an elephant.

“Wearing sunglasses” looks like a powerful character

This kind of sparrow has been so successful in Africa that it is often active in large families on the African land. A pair of sparrows hatches two clutches a year, with a clutch of five sparrows. Africa’s science and technology is underdeveloped and it is closer to the state of nature. There are not so many pesticides and means of catching sparrows, so sparrows can live quite comfortably in Africa. There are often hundreds of thousands or even millions of members in a sparrow family.

These sparrows are connected by blood ties and will fight in small groups when there are no enemies. You group of sparrows have been separated from us for a long time, why do you still come to this tree to eat grass seeds, and start fighting at the slightest disagreement? If a more powerful enemy comes, the surrounding sparrows, who were originally hostile, will now gather together to form a super large force, and they are all air forces. Even a hippopotamus, rhino, or elephant will be beaten by them. run.

A sparrow needs about 20 grams of grass seeds a day. It would be great if sparrows only eat grass seeds, but they also eat grains. But no, the grass seeds are so small. It takes a day’s work to eat enough. If you go to the crop field, you will be full in a while. It would be great to sit on a tree branch to rest and fall in love the rest of the time. Don’t be too happy.

The sparrow is happy, but people are not happy. There are 10 billion such sparrows in Africa. One sparrow has 20 grams of grain per day, 50 sparrows have 1 kilogram per day, 50,000 sparrows have 1 ton per day, and 10 billion sparrows have 200,000 tons per day. If they eat it in a year 100 days is 20 million tons of grain, enough to feed 100 million Africans.

Because red-billed Queleas are raging like locusts in Africa, local people shake their heads when they mention this sparrow. What if we use pesticides to treat sparrows? The local people spray pesticides for the dealers and don’t have money to buy them. What if you use a sticky net to stick sparrows? If you encounter a large group of sparrows, the sticky web can be broken in minutes.

Anyway, in areas where there are such sparrows, no matter how hard we try, we can’t do anything about them. As soon as the magical power is withdrawn, the red-billed Quelea comes back, don’t be too fast.

Based on the idea of ​​using food to drive the finch hunting industry chain, various methods of eating red-billed queleas have also been developed in Africa. If you travel to Africa and see someone selling a large pot of fried sparrows, don’t be surprised. What they are eating are red-billed queleas, and they are killing local pests.

african elephant

African elephants are also not easy to deal with. Compared with Asian elephants, African elephants have a very bad temper. It can be up to 4.5 meters tall and weigh up to 7 tons. It has a pair of fan ears that look like big ears. This is indeed use as a fan. This can block the sun, repel flying insects, and fan itself when it is hot. How nice.

If an elephant barks and flaps its big ears, it means it is angry. Next, it’s time to rush over and deal with the opponent.

The elephant picked up the hippopotamus, and you see the little hippos were scare away

The elephant picked up the rhinoceros, and the rhinoceros was knock down directly

Elephant attacks lion, lion is scare to death

The elephant is picking up the buffalo. The buffalo is probably confuse.

Elephants often hunt people down. By May this year, African elephants had killed 60 people in less than half a year. There are 400,000 elephants in Africa, which is a very high proportion.

The above are all routine operations. This guy, which can weigh several tons, is not afraid of larger animals, but it is helpless against the small and agile African red-billed quelea.

How did the elephant offend the African sparrow? So much so that the sparrows gathered hundreds of thousands of warriors to fight the elephants.

Elephants eats very much and like to cause destruction

Sparrows eat the grains in the farmland, and elephants also eat the grains in the farmland. The key is that elephants only eat grass and leaves. If they sneak into the farmland, it will be bad. For example, if a group of elephants sneak into a corn field, each elephant eats 300 kilograms. Basically, you don’t have to harvest this field. The elephants basically push them flatly when they walk over. If there are corn cobs, they will eat corn cobs, but if there are no corn cobs, they will eat corn cobs. Eat corn leaves and young stalks.

Wheat, rice and other low-growing grass plants are even roll up by the elephant’s trunk and eat like weeds. If this happens, not only will people not be willing to do it, but even the red-billed Quelia sparrow will be unwilling to do so. Are you going to let the sparrow live? If you eat it, it’s almost like you’ve lost your harvest. People regard farmland as their own crops, and sparrows regard their crops as their own.

In addition, African elephants have to eat so much grass when they grow so big. In the eyes of sparrows, this is simply original sin. It seems that your group can eat up all the grass of our sparrow family of hundreds of thousands. I couldn’t bear it any longer, so I saw 200,000 sparrows attacking an elephant. The red-billed quelea had one purpose, so get out of here.

Even drinking water leaves the African sparrow speechless

An elephant has to drink 250 liters of water a day. That’s Africa, and there’s so much water shortage. Finally, there was a small pond near the African sparrow territory. The sparrows were drinking water and singing, so happy.

One day, a group of elephants came, and each elephant drank a gulp. In the end, they lost several meals of water. Over the course of a few days, the elephants drank out of a small water pond that was not rich. Not only does it drink water very much, but sometimes it drives other animals away when the water is running low. Can an African sparrow not hate an elephant? How much do I drink, how much do you drink! They don’t want us to drink it yet.

Dozens of sparrows go to take care of the elephant, and the elephant thinks you are removing lice from it! In the end, the bad-tempered African sparrows united, and an astonishing incident occurred where 200,000 little sparrows teamed up to beat an african elephant.

What is the effect of 200,000 sparrows besieging an elephant?

There are hundreds of thousands of little sparrows, some of which are insert into the eyes of african elephant, some of which are drill in the ears of elephants. Some of which are use to tuck elephants’ trunks, and some of which are give loose bark to elephants. Many more are shouting in the air, making noise and scolding elephants.

The elephant couldn’t bear it anymore, so he slapped the sparrow with his ears and slapped the sparrow with his trunk. In the end, I found that there were so many sparrows that it was like a person encountering a swarm of flies. In the end, he could only run away, and then stay away from this group of African red-billed queleas like locusts. However, the sparrow was too small after all, so it did not cause much harm to the elephant and just drove it away.

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