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Hard drives can be classified into three types: solid state drive (SSD), mechanical hard drive (HDD), and hybrid hard drive (SSHD). What are the different functions of each computer hard drive ?

Mechanical hard drive
Mechanical hard drive

Mechanical hard drive:

Normal Mechanical hard drive is one of the main storage media of traditional hard drives and computers. This hard drives come in different colors, including red, green, black, blue and purple.

Normal Mechanical hard drive is an ordinary hard drive in our ordinary computers. There is a disk inside, and the disk rotates at high speed, and the corresponding magnetic head is used to read or store data. Data is saved permanently and copied infinitely. It cannot be stamped, squeezed or vibrated by the outside world. Handle it with care and it is inconvenient to carry.

About solid state drives:

Array storage consists of multiple flash memory chip controls and caches, and is a hard drive make of solid-state electronic storage chip arrays. It has the advantages of shock resistance, drop resistance, fast data storage speed, low power consumption, low noise, large capacity and long service life.

There are two storage media for solid-state drives, one is flash memory (FLASH chip) as the storage medium, and the other is using DRAM. Which is widely use in computers, vehicles, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, etc.

Mechanical hard drive (Inside the drive)
Mechanical hard drive (Inside the drive)

The difference between mechanical computer hard drive and solid state drive:

1. Different working principles:

Solid-state drives use semiconductor states as memory media, while mechanical hard drives use magnets as memory media.

2. Reading and writing speeds vary greatly:

Since solid-state drives use semiconductors as memory media, their read and write speeds are much faster than mechanical hard drives.

Security levels vary greatly:

Solid-state drives use semiconductors as memory media, so they are more resistant to shocks and drops than mechanical hard drives.

About hybrid hard drives:

A hybrid hard drive is a combination of a mechanical hard drive and a solid-state drive. It uses small-capacity flash memory particles to store commonly used files, and magnetic disks are the most important storage medium. Flash memory only plays a buffering role, storing more commonly used files in flash memory, reducing search time, thereby improving efficiency. However, the anti-shock performance is poor, and a single flash memory particle severely limits the number of erasing and writing.

Solid-state drive
Solid-state drive

How to choose a hard drive? Solid-state drives are currently the most cost-effective hard drives, so solid-state drives are favore by most enterprises. Buy according to your needs and pay attention to the daily use of the hard drive to avoid failure. Thereby extending the life of the hard drive.

Hard drive usage tips:

1. Keep the usage environment clean and tidy.

2. Prevent collision and vibration.

3. Check computer hard drive regularly and troubleshoot problems in advance.

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