Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard

Last week, the wired keyboard configured by the company broke, and I had a reason to replace it with a mechanical keyboard. However, the budget given by the finance department was limited, so I couldn’t buy it according to my mood. I needed to make a careful selection. Taking advantage of this year’s Double Eleven promotion, I finally bought this Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard. It is compact and lightweight, has three modes and a small configuration, and can be used for both gaming and office work. Let’s take a look at what kind of experience it has.

Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard has a fresh and simple appearance. It is available in Juejue purple, slag gray and white smoke green color options to meet the preferences of different people. This Juejue purple uses three different colors to mix and match, with different functions. The buttons are distinguished by different colors, making daily use more convenient and intuitive. 

compact 80-key layout

The overall size is 333×139.7×27.3mm, which is much smaller than ordinary keyboards. And can free up a lot of space on the desktop. It adopts a 75% layout and has a compact 80-key layout. The keycaps are made of PBT two-color technology, which is classic and durable. The matte hemp surface is not easy to be oiled and has a dry and delicate touch. It is comfortable even if you type for a long time.

There is a receiver groove on the top, making it easy to store the 2.4G receiver at any time to avoid accidental loss. There is also a mode switch that can quickly switch between Bluetooth, wired and wireless, which is simple, clear and easy to use. It adopts a key-wire separation design and is equipped with a Type-C interface, which is convenient for connecting to a computer or charging in wired mode.

In order to place it stably on a smooth desktop, the bottom is equipped with a long non-slip rubber pad and a two-stage bracket. The small bracket can tilt the keyboard 6°, and the large bracket can tilt 9°. The three heights can meet the needs of different people. According to usage requirements, the different tilt angles can improve the comfort when typing or playing games.

Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard

The previous keyboard only supported wired connection, which was not very convenient to use. However, this Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard supports three modes of connection: wired, Bluetooth and wireless. It can be freely switch between desktop computers, notebooks and tablets, and is also compatible with a variety of devices . Can meet the usage needs of different scenarios.

multimedia switch in the upper right corner
multimedia switch in the upper right corner

There is a multimedia switch in the upper right corner. It adopts a unique exercise knob design, which is more convenient to operate. You can easily adjust system functions such as media playback and volume. You can also use the Fn function key + other keys to implement commonly used shortcut functions.

Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard is equipp with Mengyu HIFI axis, with a total stroke of 4.0±0.4mm and a trigger pressure of 40±10gf. The linear axis has a crisp sound and a very sensitive trigger, making it easier to play games. The equipped PCB circuit board adopts separate slotting, which can make the hand feel softer and elastic, while reducing vibrato and noise, making daily office coding feel better. The interior adopts a three-layer space design, which can make the Gasket leaf spring structure more elastic, feel more comfortable, and sound better.

RGB cool light effect modes
RGB cool light effect modes

RGB cool light effect

It also supports 11 RGB cool light effect modes, including always on, breathing, marquee, etc., which is very friendly to people who like cool light effects. At the same time, there are RGB light strips on the left and right sides. The light is soft and not dazzling, and can be customize Multi-color dynamic lighting effects make playing games at night very atmospheric.

The battery life is also long-lasting. It has a built-in 3750mAh large-capacity lithium battery. Through the matching low-power chip and energy-saving technology. The battery life can be greatly improve, which can fully meet the needs of daily use.

After a period of use, this Daryou EK75 mechanical keyboard performs well in terms of appearance, connection mode, operating feel, and battery life. When I see it at work every day, my mood improves. It feels comfortable to hold office codes. And my wrist does not feel sore after being use for a long time. The work efficiency has improved a lot. The current price is only about 100 yuan. If you like it, you can try it. .

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