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Pakistan’s win against New Zealand brightened Pakistan’s chances of reaching the World Cup semi-final. And a potential matchup with its Asian neighbors including India.

Such a situation is not new for Pakistan. In 1992, when the Pakistani team was considered almost at the bottom of the charts and out of contention. The then team captain, Imran Khan, gave a pep talk to the players to fight like raging lions. This helped Pakistan to reach in World Cup semi-final then win the first World Cup title.

Pakistan win the first World Cup title in 1992
Pakistan win the first World Cup title in 1992

The condition of the current team is also the same. Fakhar Zaman’s century against New Zealand has boosted the team’s hopes.

Now Pakistani team is facing the same situation as it was in 1992 by defeating Australia. And got the last place in the semi-finals, and the chances of Pakistan reaching the semi-finals are visible.

However, it is a tough task in which not only the results of other matches also need to go in Pakistan’s favor. And also the goddess of fortune needs to be kind for pakistan.

India is likely to top the chart, with 16 points. The Indian team will have a better chance than the other teams. Even if they lose to the Netherlands in the league matches.

Considering the first scenario, for Pakistan India to play in the semi-finals. It is necessary for Afghanistan to lose their match against South Africa and Australia. And then New Zealand to lose to Sri Lanka, and then Pakistan to lose to England. If they make it to four, it will give Pakistan the two points they need and they can reach the semi-finals. Which will brighten the possibility of the India-Pakistan match.

Another scenario is that if New Zealand beat Sri Lanka. They will definitely be able to secure the fourth position. But after that the situation will become complicated for Pakistan as they will have to beat England by a huge margin. .

Looking at the current run rate. If New Zealand maintains its current net run rate after winning, Pakistan will have to beat England by 149 runs after scoring 375 runs. Or England will have to beat England by 150 runs after scoring 350 runs. They have to beat by runs or after scoring 300 runs, England have to score at 148.

But if Pakistan has to chase the target, it will have to score 275 runs and complete the target in 144 balls, or 250 runs target in 146 balls or 200 runs target in 148 balls. .

The third scenario is that if Australia lose their remaining two matches against Afghanistan and Bangladesh, they will have ten points and then Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan will have to fight for the last two spots for the semi-finals.

The fourth scenario is that Afghanistan continue their upset streak in their remaining matches and defeat Australia along with South Africa, leaving Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan scrambling for the last semi-final spot. will The fifth scenario is that rain spoils everyone’s game.

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