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Soda is a common soft drink in people’s lives. Its carbonated bubbles and refreshing taste have always been popular. Especially in the hot summer, many people like to drink ice soda and put the water in the freezer of the refrigerator. But for iced sodas, if you are not careful, the soda bottles will explode, causing accidental injuries and property losses to people.

Why do sodas explode?

Explosions are divided into physical explosions and chemical explosions. Physical explosions refer to explosions caused by changes in physical factors such as temperature, volume, and pressure. Soda bottle explosions fall into this category. At normal temperatures, carbonated drinks such as soda contain several times more carbon dioxide than the volume of the drink, but carbon dioxide is unstable and can easily escape from the drink when heated or frozen.

Soda Soft drink
Soda Soft drink

Put the soda in the freezer of the refrigerator. After the water is frozen, it turns into ice and the volume expands rapidly. The solubility of carbon dioxide also decreases. Most of the carbon dioxide gas that was once dissolved in the water is released. At this time, the air pressure inside the bottle will increase rapidly. When the pressure exceeds the capacity of the bottle, an explosion occurs. Soda water will also explode when heated.

Solubility of carbon dioxide

In a sealed environment, as the temperature rises, the solubility of carbon dioxide in the drink will decrease, causing the carbon dioxide content in the tank to increase and the gas pressure to increase. When the pressure in the bottle increases, the bottle can withstand If it does not reach a certain level, there is a risk of explosion, especially if the bottle is shaken, bumped or has small cracks, the possibility of explosion will increase.

Soft drink
Soft drink

For life safety and health, when drinking soda and other carbonated drinks, never heat or freeze them below 0°C. Soda drinks that have just been taken out of the freezer should not be consumed immediately. They can be left for a while before drinking. When storing soda, it is recommended to place it in a refrigerator at around 4°C. If you want to drink ice-cold soda, you can first pour the soda into a larger container and then put it in the refrigerator or add ice cubes directly, which is safer.

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