golden poison dart frog

This small frog uses poisonous substances in its body for defense, so it is classified as a venomous animal (poisonous animals refer to those that use a certain part of the body, such as tail, pincers, spines or teeth, etc., as a weapon to attack animals that release poisonous substances from other animals). The golden poison dart frog only poisons the predator with its venom when it is attack, as it does not wish to be harm. Poison dart frogs are brightly color, with yellow or orange being the most dazzling. They seem to be showing off their beauty, but they are actually warning predators of great danger.

Frog can kill more than 100 people

In fact, this golden poison dart frog may well be the venomous animal in the world. The venom in its skin is so toxic that any animal exposed. To even a little bit of the venom will be poison or even die. The venom secreted by one poison dart frog can kill more than 100 people. Although this poisonous frog, which is only distribute in Colombia, was not discover by scientists until 1978. Ihe Indians discovered this poisonous frog long ago. And used the venom secreted from their skin to smear their arrowheads and javelins. It use Hunting with such poisonous arrows can kill the prey instantly.

golden poison dart frog
golden poison dart frog

This golden poison dart frog ingests toxins (also known as frog venom) from other animals. Most likely by eating some small beetles, which in turn obtain the toxins from plants. In contrast, our artificially bred frogs are not poisonous, probably because they do not eat poisonous insects. The golden poison dart frog is active during the day. And has few enemies other than certain species of snake that are immune to its venom. Surprisingly, a bird on the island of New Guinea has been found to have the same toxin in its skin and feathers. As the poison dart frog. The discovery of toxins with the same mechanism in two distant places is likely to be attribute to some kind of small beetle. Similar to Colombian beetles, they also contain this toxin.

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