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Social media app TikTok has deleted more than 10.5 million videos from around the world, including Pakistan. For violating ‘community guidelines’. On Thursday, TikTok released a report on its implementation of community guidelines. For the second quarter of 2023, from April to June, to combat misinformation and make the platform safer.

According to the report, during 2023, more than 14.1 million videos were removed in Pakistan for violating community guidelines. Internationally, TikTok has deleted more than 18.8 million accounts of people under the age of 13. Prioritising the protection of young users. Of the deleted videos, 66,440,775 were automatically deleted, while 6,750,002 were reviewed and removed.

Videos deleted from the Tik Tok account account for seven percent of the total videos on the platform. Apart from dealing with violations of the ‘Community Guidelines’, TikTok has also decided to review fake accounts and content uploaded by users. Precautions have also been taken to prevent the automatic increase of fake accounts on TikTok. According to TikTok, 86.6% of infringing videos in Pakistan were removed before they got views.

TikTok says the Community Guidelines have been develop to promote a safe, inclusive, and authentic experience for all users. Tik Tok will be able to identify infringing content with advanced technology.

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