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There is also a school in the American state of Texas where young mothers students bring their children along. According to the news agency AFP, Yavezi Alvarado, a seventeen-year-old student of the school. She said that she has to get up early in the morning. Because she has to prepare not only herself but also her one-year-old daughter Camila.

Yavizi is accompanied by his daughter Kamila on the early morning school bus. “When I wake up in the morning. I prepare his diapers, wipes, milk, and clothes. Because she has to be change there,” said the young student from Texas. Safety seats for young children on the school bus travelling with their young mothers to Lincoln Park High School.

It is a low-income area located a few kilometres from the border with neighbouring Mexico. The school caters to young girls between the ages of 14 and 22 who are pregnant or have recently given birth. While these young mothers are studying, their children are care for in the children’s centre establish within the school. Mothers can visit the children’s centre anytime from the classroom if needed.

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“Knowing that your child is close to you and being care for is very positive,” Yavizi Alvarado said. Texas is one of several US states that have banned abortions since the Supreme Court’s decision a year and a half ago. Abortion was allow in America for about 50 years to protect women’s rights.

The abortion ban has made child care an increasingly sensitive issue for young mothers. And one that school officials are reluctant to discuss. In Texas, minors need an adult’s permission to access contraceptives, and sex education is not mandatory in schools.

Abortion bans have made childcare an increasingly sensitive issue for young mothers.
Abortion bans have made childcare an increasingly sensitive issue for young mothers.

Alvarado receives support from his mother. But some of his friends have experience discrimination at their old schools or been reject by family members. And are living with their child’s father or other relatives. Live According to the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC), the birth rate among teenagers (ages 15 to 19) fell three percent last year. And is a full 78 percent below the 1991 rate. Is.

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