cesarean section

Cesarean section , also known as cesarean section in medicine, refers to the surgical incision of the uterus to remove the baby in the womb when the mother is unable to give birth naturally . Because cesarean section is a surgical operation, it will cause surgical wounds to the mother during the operation, and it takes time for the scarring to heal completely. Therefore, after cesarean section necessary to rest for a long period of time before having a second child.

File Phot (cesarean section)
File Phot (cesarean section)

1. Time to recuperate due to physical factors

The physical health of the mother affects the recovery from cesarean section. That is to say, the younger the mother, the better her physical function is and the faster she will recover. Generally, normal surgical wounds will fully recover in about six months to a year. According to scientific reasoning, you can have a second child after one year. However, during pregnancy, the developing fetus in the abdomen will expand the abdomen, and the abdomen of a woman who has had a cesarean section has previous surgical wounds. As the baby grows, As it grows slowly, the wound may be stretched open. Therefore, doctors generally recommend that it is better to have a second child after two years of cesarean section.

2. Time to recuperate due to psychological factors

File Phot (cesarean section)
File Phot (cesarean section)

Relevant professional organizations recommend that women who have had a cesarean section should generally rest for more than two years before having a second child. The reason is that women have a very hard time during pregnancy and childbirth. The first childbirth has already had a certain psychological impact. The painful childbirth experience at that time is still vivid in my mind. Motherhood is great, but the painful memory needs a period of psychological relief. In addition, the recovery period of the surgical wound is generally about two years. Therefore, doctors recommend that after a cesarean, you rest for about two years before having a second child. The tires are more suitable.

3. The time required for each organ to recuperate

During pregnancy, the baby will squeeze the mother’s internal organs. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy , expectant mothers often have their bladders under pressure and have to go to the toilet frequently. Other organs in the abdominal cavity are also squeezed by the baby’s body. After the baby is born, the organs finally return to normal and can take a good rest and recuperation. This time period is a good opportunity for mothers who have had a cesarean section to recuperate. Therefore, mothers should cooperate with the cultivation of various organs of the body. Women whose first child was born by cesarean section will have a slightly longer second child than women who had a natural birth. Generally, about two years is appropriate.

4. Family and home take time

The arrival of a new baby can make a family very busy. They have not yet fully adapted to the baby’s various needs and have to conceive another child. For ordinary families, it is really a bit breathless. If the child is older and can eat and drink on his own and learn to take care of himself, the family will be relieved. At this time, the family naturally plans to have a second child, and this time is generally about two to three years.

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